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Edouard Trichet Lespagnol

Founder, Lighting Designer and Programmer


Since my childhood the art of storytelling and staging has always fascinated me. I was quickly won over by the mysterious and powerful universe of the theater. A source of inspiration which I come back to a lot in my creative process.


After a preparatory school in applied art, I joined the lighting training at the CFPTS, which for 2 and a half years will shape my technical skills. The precision and diversity of this learning will be the foundations of my values.


My experience has been enriched over the years with national theater creations, major events, multimedia and finally theme parks.

In recent years, in addition to lighting, I have diversified my skills, particularly in terms of Show Control, allowing the automation of complex scenic devices within large amusement parks.


My love for everything that appeals to the stage allows me to put myself at the service of the projects that I design and coordinate. This with one and only goal: to dazzle the audience.


Kevin Auger
Founder, Workshop Chief and 3D Designer

My career began into fashion and style. I have first developed my skills in hairdressing and won the silver medal for best worker in France.


My affinities in this domain then led me to hat making. An activity that immediately fascinated me. The notions of design, elegance and precision these experiences gave me have shaped my way of working on a daily basis.


My meeting with Edouard opened new horizons for me. The medium of Theme Parks then appealed to me. I found myself in the complete narrative and scenic environments of the parks.


I developed new skills such as 3D modeling of products, assembly and cabling of control cabinets and boxes but above all the supervision of our teams within the projects in which we participate for our clients.


I make it a point to maintain our quality standards to ensure efficiency in our production chain, from design to delivery.






" Life is not just about breathing, it's about being breathless."

Alfred Hitchcock